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Visa Skyline Drive-In Arrives At TIFF, Delivering A New Kind Of Film Experience

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VISA Drive-In TIFFThis year’s Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has made organizers and partners get creative as they look to provide an entertaining experience to film goers. Long time partner VISA Canada [TCO] saw this unique opportunity to create the Visa Skyline Drive-In during this year’s TIFF.  A chance to bring some nostalgia, and allow moviegoers to experience festival films in a new and unique way in the great outdoors.  During the festival, Visa Canada hosted three private evening events (September 13-15) where small business owners clients and cardholders will experience this year’s reimagined TIFF experience.


Events hosted by Visa also featured food and beverage offerings from local purveyors of candy, baked goods and other items that were enjoyed while watching in incredible line-up of films from around the world.


The Visa Skyline Drive-In taps into the organization’s commitment to further boost to the city’s economy, make small businesses the star of the guest experience. Both through its marketing around the festival as well weaving them into the experience itself. With small businesses being hit especially hard by the pandemic, Visa’s puts Canadian small business recovery in the spotlight through partnerships focused on creating unique onsite elements including an LED tunnel, structures that create visual experiences with the Toronto skyline as a backdrop among others. 


Visa’s marketing message highlights the power consumers have in supporting the Canadian economic recovery through their purchase decisions – whether they shop local or in the online shops of Canadian businesses across the country.  

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