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Harvey’s Empowers Kids To Change The Future With Grow a Plant Initiative

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Harvey'sHarvey’s [TCO] is taking another steps towards its commitment to sustainability with a new, family-friendly initiative that gives kids the chance to play their part in supporting the environment.  Rolling out across Canada this week, the Harvey’s Grow a Plant program will provide a plant kit with every kid’s meal purchased with over a million plant kits expected to be given away annually.

Days of those plastic toys are long gone, and Harvey’s is providing kids a sunflower or nasturtium plant kit that they can care for at home either indoors or outdoors. Plant types will change with the seasons in the future, and all kits will come with care instructions.

“We are always looking at our operations with a sustainability lens and asking ourselves how we can do better in reducing waste, limiting our carbon footprint and playing our part to help keep Canada a beautiful thing,” said David Colebrook, Chief Operating Officer, Harvey’s Canada. “Providing plants instead of plastic toys in our kid’s meals is a fun, eco-friendly way to involve the next generation in our efforts.”

Grow a Plant is the latest effort from Harvey’s in its long-term commitment to reduce single-use plastics and source from sustainable, recycled materials for as many items as possible. The brand’s commitment to reducing waste can be seen in its recent changes to more sustainable product and packaging options that has already impacted approximately 80% of all packaging.


The brand has been making strides for over a year including moving to paper straws, all Harvey’s burger wrappers, poutine boxes and takeout and delivery bags are made from recycled paper. Condiment cups are made out of 100% bamboo while all shake cups and cutlery are made from 100% recycled materials.

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