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I’m Ashley Rosenberger, And This Is How I Get It DONE

This Is How I Get It DONE

Ashley RosenbergerWelcome Season 4 of our series This Is How I Get It DONE, where we take a moment to interview members of the PR In Canada & Profectio community members to find out more about the person behind the desk, how they got their start, their current role (and everything in between). For our first episode of Season 4 we talked to Ashley Rosenberger, Founder of Rose PR.

What is your current gig?

  • I am the Founder of Rose PR – a lifestyle-based PR agency. My agency specializes in media relations, brand consulting, social media management, corporate communications, experiential events and influencer marketing. We are also fully bilingual!

One Word to Describe your Work Style:
  • Determined – I am determined to always get it done. There is ALWAYS a way to succeed and deliver and I will never take no for an answer.

Tell us a little about your background and how you got to where you are today.

  • Before entering the PR arena formally, I had 20 years of practice as a social butterfly whose favorite past times included networking, solidifying relationships and mastering the art of interpersonal communication (I am an only child, I needed to keep myself occupied!). While pursuing my undergraduate degree in Political Science at McGill University, I spent a summer NYC working at an Entertainment PR firm where I was exposed to the effervescent world of 24/7 communication and the optimization of various brands. My love for PR immediately grew from there. After receiving my Bachelor of Arts, I immediately pursued my second degree at McGill – a Graduate Diploma in Public Relations. Once I received my degree, I received the exciting opportunity to intern, then work at a local agency – and my love for PR was further solidified!

What made you start your own company?

  • After building an extensive roster of media and business contacts throughout Canada, I realized I had the capability to go out on my own (despite many moments of self-doubt!). In 2014, I founded Rose PR. The rest is history.

What is a typical work day like for you?

  • I always begin my day by looking through and responding to all my emails. Post-emails, I will write up my colour-coordinated daily to-do lists which I take great pride in. Then, I will catch up with my team to go over what each of us are working on. Every day is different from the next, which is the beauty of what we do; with different clients comes different stories and approaches – definitely keeps it interesting!

You launched your agency in 2014, when did you know you had something?

  • I launched my agency on my own in 2014. It was around 1-year later when I had to turn down a few potential clients because I had too many requests and not enough manpower. This is when I realized that what I had started had grown into something bigger than I could have ever imagined. Thankfully, I now have an amazing team to ensure we are able to manage and take on as much as we can!

What was a moment in your career that really helped define how you work today?

  • When I got my first client, I remember doubting myself like no other – “can I really do this on my own?”, “what if I don’t get good results?”. That doubt fueled me to go above and beyond and ensure I was giving 150% to what I was doing. The campaign ended up being extremely successful and I can still remember that incredible and satisfying feeling when my client thanked me for all my hard work and for all the results I had attained for them. It was then when I realized I CAN do this, and I truly believe if you work hard enough and give it your all it is impossible to fail.

How do you balance family-work. 

  • I love structure, in every aspect of my life. You can definitely say I have an A-type personality! As crazy as it may sound, I schedule in each hour of my life in my agenda, personal and professional. On the weekends, I always make sure to catch up with family or friends (yes, my weekends are scheduled into my agenda as well J).

9-5 is LONG gone, what is one shortcut or life hack that works for you?

  • Work out for an hour a day. It clears and balances my mind. Even when I am exhausted or on a deadline, I make sure to take that hour to refocus and take care of myself.

Rose PRRose PR is a full-service Canadian public relations agency specializing in media relations, brand consulting, influencer marketing, social media management, experiential events ...

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