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NATIONAL Public Relations Was Hired By We Charity As Scandal Details Continue To Unfold

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We CharityNews of WE Charity and its questionable relationship with Justin Trudeau and the government has made several corporations several their ties with the non-profit as we reported earlier.  According to a story by La Press, NATIONAL Public Relations has also played in role with WE as they were hired to manage part of the federal government’s Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG).

NATIONAL Public Relations [TCO] was hired by WE Charity to handle “outreach to not-for-profit and student organizations, French content development, media monitoring and social media content,” hiring of the agency does raise questions which seem to differ from statements made by the federal government.

Over the last year we have seen a growing desire from consumers for more transparency by brands, but agencies that advise them should also be held to the same standard.


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