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Doritos Ketchup+ Streaming For The Bold Now Rolls Out In Canada

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Doritos Ketchup+Doritos Ketchup are coming back to Canada for a limited time, and to help with reach their target market the brand has launched Doritos Ketchup+. Its a first-ever streaming platform from a snack that launched on June 22 across Canada. as part of marketing efforts for the much-anticipated return of Doritos Ketchup.

Doritos Ketchup+ is an online platform that gives fans a chance to watch original shows that are inspired by their favourite flavour for free. No sign-up necessary. For as long as Doritos Ketchup is available, Canadians can enjoy Doritos Ketchup-inspired shows on—from comedy and drama, to fashion and cooking shows, all under 10 minutes long.

Doritos Ketchup+A brand that’s focused on sparking self-expression, Doritos encouraged notable Canadian creators to boldly express their love for Doritos Ketchup in a wide range of stories for the unique platform. The creators’ snackable shows are available exclusively on Doritos® Ketchup+.

Agencies behind Doritos Ketchup+ Launch Campaign?


  • Public Relations: Citizen Relations Canada [TCO]


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