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Emergen-C Wants You To “Emerge Our Best” With Touching Re-Opening Campaign

Members Of The Canadian Marketing & Public Relations Industry Share COVID-19 Vaccine PSA

Brands Supporting For GoodCOVID-19 continues to have an impact on all aspects of our daily lives, there have been so many stories about people doing their part to help, but PR In Canada wanted to share some stories about Brands Supporting For Good.

Emergen-C #EmergeOurBestAs the world enters a phased approach to reopen post COVID1-19, vitamin and mineral manufacturer Emergen-C has released their most recent campaign -#EmergeOurBest.  The Emerge Our Best campaign shines the light on “normal life” and moments that we look forward to having again – it inspires hope that when all this is over, we will see how we’ve changed – and that together we will #EmergeOurBest.

Emergen-C’s “love letter to normal life”campaign video brings out emotions that the world has been feeling these past few months. Where a hug is just a hug, a crowded street is a welcome relief, where we can hold doors, touch faces, hold hands, and connect again.

Emergen-C  enlisted the help of a number of Canadians to help including Quebec brand ambassador, NHL Hockey Player Phillip Danault who in turn, shared his own love letter to normal life: “Dear normal life, I miss the morning grind, dinners at my favourite spot, the cheers from the fans and the battles with my teammates”.

The beauty that comes of it, while we wait for those days to return, is that we are finding new ways to show love, new ways to connect, new ways to show appreciation, so that when those moments do return, no matter how much the world has changed, we will have changed too, for the better – and together we will #EmergeOurBest.

Agencies behind Emergen-C’s Our Best Campaign?


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