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Vintage Group’s Balcony Bash Brings The Community Together At A Distance During COVID-19

Members Of The Canadian Marketing & Public Relations Industry Share COVID-19 Vaccine PSA

Brands Supporting For GoodCOVID-19 continues to have an impact on all aspects of our daily lives, there have been so many stories about people doing their part to help, but PR In Canada wanted to share some stories about Brands Supporting For Good.

Like many businesses, Vintage Group, which includes eight Calgary mainstay restaurants has been faced with challenging times due to COVID-19. Lance Hurtubsie, President and CEO laid of 230 staff members at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic when all non-essential businesses were forced to close. Lance has discussed the challenges facing the industry with media and highlighted what will need to be done to preserve its future. As Jayman BUILT’s Westman Village:part of an overall awareness campaign to combat the restaurant closures and bring back workers, Brookline Public Relations, alongside Vintage Group and Jayman, developed Balcony Bash – an evening event – to bring staff and the community together by combining entertainment and food. This unique event featured live music for Westman Village residents to enjoy from their balconies while providing an opportunity for staff to return to work during the temporary restaurant closure. To compliment the distant dining event, Chairman’s sold meal kits for residents to BBQ on their balconies while enjoying the live music performance. Balcony Bash drew interest from 

Campaign Results: Brookline secured coverage with both local media and influencers, sharing the message that local businesses are going beyond to support the community during this time.


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