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Coppertone Turns To Influencers For Latest Product Launch

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CoppertoneWith the weather springing forward, Coppertone wants to help Canadians prepare for those glorious rays of sunshine and has introduced two new products – Coppertone Glow and Coppertone Sport Clear.

While spring is going to look a little different this year it should not stop us from enjoying life even if that is taking a walk, playing in the backyard or sitting on your balcony.

To celebrate the launch of new Coppertone Glow & Sport Clear enlisted the help of 1Milk2Sugars [TCO] who worked with various media and influencers across the country as part their brand awareness efforts.  The outreach included a message that “Spring might look a little different this year, but it’s still important to practice proper sun care every day while on a walk, playing in the backyard or sitting on your balcony – until the days when we can blissfully get back to the beach!”

Coppertone TowelThe new sunscreen was sent in a branded Coppertone tote bag along with a Tie-Dye Towel. The brand picked these towels because they are sustainable and a portion of the proceeds from the towels go towards marine conservation.

Agencies behind Coppertone’s Spring Launch Campaign?


  • Public Relations: 1Milk2Sugars [TCO


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