Brookline Public Relations Swoop’s In For The Assist With #LiftEachOtherUp

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Swoop LiftEachOtherUpLast week Swoop [TCO] called on Canadians to #LiftEachOtherUp? through a unique social media campaign that was created to support anti-bullying initiatives. Canada’s ultra-low fare airline partnered with CKNW Kids’ Fund’s Pink Shirt Day to donate $20,000 to programs supporting children’s healthy self-esteem across Canada.  To help create and execute the #LiftEachOtherUp campaign Swoop turned to their agency of record, Brookline Public Relations [TCO] to lead the charge.  Brookline rose to the challenge and engaged with media and influencers, sent specialized #LiftEachOtherUp? packages with an official CKNW Kids’ Fund’s Pink Shirt and a background on the initiative outlining how they can help. Influencers and celebrities were encouraged to create a series of short, shareable pep-talk style clips that inspired people to be a little kinder and more encouraging in an effort to #LiftEachOtherUp?.

The #LiftEachOtherUp? Video Campaign, hosted across Swoop’s social media platforms was effective to have inspired conversations about how simple acts of kindness and words of encouragement can have a positive impact on those around us. The incentivized engagement campaign donated $1 for every like, comment, share and retweet on Swoop’s Pink Shirt Day social media posts.

#LiftEachOtherUp Campaign Results

LiftEachOtherUpBrookline successfully secured videos from influencers across the country and campaign shoutouts from media across several markets, driving the Pink Shirt Day message from coast to coast.

The awareness videos were shared on both the Swoop and Pink Shirt Day social channels leading up to Pink Shirt Day. The videos were then compiled to create a hero video, highlighting the campaign’s success throughout Canada. In just 48 hours, the #LiftEachOtherUp? campaign reached over one million impressions.

Swoop successfully shared the Pink Shirt Day message, supporting the organization and working together to champion their important cause by raising awareness, funds and support for anti-bullying programs throughout Canada.

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