No More Apologies, It Is Time For “That Harlequin Feeling”

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That Harlequin FeelingA lot of research has confirmed it, romance novel makes women feel uplifted, inspired and empowered. For their part, Harlequin has launched “That Harlequin Feeling,” a new national campaign that celebrates the powerful and positive feelings that millions of readers get from Harlequin books.

“That Harlequin Feeling campaign is an unapologetic celebration of the happiness Harlequin brings to readers’ lives,” says Farah Mullick, Senior Director, Retail Business Development at Harlequin. “Harlequin romance novels have it all: hopeful fresh starts, dramatic family sagas, unexpected twists and turns. Readers feel a deep emotional connection to the characters and their happy endings.”

Harlequin is encouraging women in North America to discover That Harlequin Feeling by downloading two free ebooks from

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