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Frank’s RedHot Wants Canadians To “Spin the Bottle” Game

Frank's RedHotFrank’s RedHot is turning 100 years old this year, but before they do the brand wants to get Canadians ready for Super Bowl LIV in their latest campaign.

On Sunday, February 2nd fans across Canada can participate in the Frank’s RedHot Twitter livestream game show and play Spin the Bottle. Truth or dare, there will be a lot of chances to win some prizes, including the ultimate grand prize…$36,500! That’s a dollar for every day Frank’s has been alive!

“No one simply watches the Big Game anymore. They’re checking social media, texting on their phones and monitoring their office pool,” said Alia Kemet, Frank’s Creative & Digital Strategic Senior Director. “That’s why Frank’s RedHot, the official hot sauce of NFL in Canada, created a big and spicy experience to keep people talking, a live game of Spin the Bottle with dares and cool prizes.”

Frank’s has also recruited Donnie Wahlberg who will rally up all the to help play Spin the Bottle with your crush starting at 6:30 pm ET, this Sunday. Frank’s will spin their bottle throughout the Big Game with no shortage of chances to win limited-edition prizes. Some of  prizes available include a Too Hot To Handle Candle; a Chicken Wing Bling Ring; an Up in Flames Skateboard; the Hottest Cooler; a [Your Name Goes Here] Custom Frank’s RedHot Sauce Bottle and more!

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