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Interac and Heart And Stroke Foundation Team Up To “Activate” Canadians

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ActivateInterac and the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada have come together on a new campaign which offers an incentive to eligible people in Canada who enroll in Activate, a six-month blood pressure management program. This program has already had success in Ontario in helping people eat better, move more and manage stress; now it’s expanding to other locations in Canada, including Vancouver and Saskatoon.

Another goal of the campaign is to build on a previous program Interac launched with Alectra Utilities, whereby select utility customers received monetary incentives through Interac e-Transfer for taking energy efficient actions.

Over the course of the campaign, people who successfully enroll in the Activate program will be eligible to receive a monetary incentive through Interac e-Transfer which can be deposited directly into their bank accounts.

“At Interac, we’ve been actively exploring how we can leverage emerging technologies and our platforms, in combination with other organizations, to promote positive and impactful change,” said Oscar Roque, AVP of Innovation, Research & Emerging Solutions at Interac Corp. “This collaboration with Heart & Stroke will support goals including managing blood pressure for people in Canada who are at high risk and is a continuation of the work Interac has been doing to accelerate its innovation agenda with social purpose.”

This campaign is also reflective of research showing a link between incentives and positive health behaviour. A study in the American Journal of Health Promotion found that participation in health risk assessments rose with an increasing incentive value3.

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