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Sure There Is The SuperBowl, But Rethink Breast Cancer’s Booby Bowl Is A Game Changer

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Rethink Breast Cancer Booby BowlThe facts don’t lie, on average, 74 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer every day.  26,900 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, that represents 25% of all new cancer cases in women in 2019.  The good news is that you can do something to help, yes you! Rethink Breast Cancer will be launching an innovative e-gaming fundraiser called Booby Bowl, to raise funds for their education, support and advocacy work.

From Saturday January 25, 2020 to Saturday February 1, 2020, in advance of the Super Bowl LIV, several top gamers will rally their fan bases across North America and the UK as part of the first-ever Booby Bowl to raise funds for the vital work Rethink does to support young people facing breast cancer.

“We’ve already witnessed an amazing welcome from the gaming community, which tells us our work to
educate, support and empower all young people affected by breast cancer resonates,” says MJ DeCoteau,
Executive Director and Founder of Rethink Breast Cancer. “Thanks to their generous support, Rethink can
continue to bring vital support and advocacy work for a positive impact on the breast cancer community.”

The fundraising event kicks off with an interactive live stream by Nick Eh 30 on Jan 25. Nick is a Canadian-
born professional gamer with over 8M followers, 3,000 wins, and prior to his recent move to Twitch, was
YouTube’s top live-streamer. He has been a champion of Rethink for some time and will bring his signature
positive and good-sportsman-like attitude to Booby Bowl while taking on challenges and sharing tips from
his game of choice, Fortnight.

Following Nick, several of the top female gamers will be educating and engaging their audiences in the
cause. Canadian and five-time world champion in competitive Counter-Strike, missharvey will rally for
Rethink on Feb 1 from Quebec City, Lomadiah with over a million followers will stream from the UK on
Jan 31, and Alliestrasza will celebrate her 4th anniversary as a gamer on Feb 1 with her Booby Bowl stream.
“Most of us have had loved ones who have been affected by cancer,” says Allie Macpherson aka
Alliestrasza. “My godmother was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and was fortunate enough
to be a survivor. I know not everyone is as lucky so I hope this fundraiser helps many that are in need.”
The funds raised from Booby Bowl will be used towards Rethink’s work to help those with metastatic
breast cancer live better and live longer. Funds will also help increase available spots for their in-demand
program Stretch, Heal, Grow, a healing yoga and wellness retreat that brings together young women with
breast cancer through wellness, support and community.

Rethink Breast Cancer Booby BowlWith 25% of women possible being diagnosed with cancer, it can effect the woman sitting beside you, or a family member. Emily (pictured to the left) is one of the fortunate cancer survivors.

Rethink Breast Cancer was founded by MJ DeCoteau following the loss of an immediate family member, she shares a message about the Booby Bowl in the video below.

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