Beattie Tartan Launches Amazon Advertising Offering

Beattie TartanBeattie Tartan - With six offices in Canada, Beattie Tartan is part of a worldwide network spanning more than 100 cities as part of London-headquartered Beattie Communications Group, which has 12 offices across ...

Beattie TartanAs they continue to expand their offering, Beattie Tartan [TCO], has announced the launch of a new Amazing advertising  and marketing division.  As the world’s largest Amazon is currently the largest e-commerce destination and Beattie Tartan’s new service offering aims to help brands drive sales and build on the Amazon platform.

The new offering will be headed up by Daniela Young, Digital Marketing Director at Beattie Tartan, and will focus exclusively on helping consumer brands drive sales on Amazon in North America and around the globe.