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5 Tips For Freelancers

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FreelancerAre you a freelancer (or small business), or perhaps you are looking to start the new year by being self employed. To help you get started on the right path to success here are (5) tips for freelancers.

1. Find your niche

An important part of your branding is to determine what your specialty will be. Whether you focus on a particular skill, technology, industry (or all three), make sure your marketing reflects this decision. Potential clients should be able to easily identify your niche (restaurant logo designer, for example) without doing too much research.

2. Get listed in directories

Many lists of freelancers and marketplace sites allow for free submissions. Simply search for terms such as “freelance designer directory” or “Squarespace developers” and make sure the sites you submit to are up-to-date with their information.

3. Send new year / birthday wishes to your clients

Whether you choose to go with a general greeting card, or customize it with a considerate gift, the thought really does count here. It’s one very simple and affordable way to stand out in a crowded and often too-automated industry.

4. Always ask for budget before giving a price

It’s best to know if you and a prospect are even playing the same pricing game. Find out if they even have the money to pay you before you waste time on a proposal. No one likes surprises.

5. Constantly attend events to network and grow your business

Do you want to learn how to improve your freelancing business – attend our Freelancing In 2020 event on January 28th in Toronto (Register early and save). Meet other freelancers, business owners and potential partners.  Gain insights into what it takes to become a success as a freelancer.

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