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Tales, Tidings, and Tips; Holiday Message From Faulhaber Communications

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The holiday season is here, many brands across the country have been executing their holiday campaigns. PR In Canada reached out to a members of the community to do more than just send in their Holiday Card, we wanted to give our readers some Tales, Tidings, and Tips.  Here is a message from Faulhaber Communications

Holiday Message - Faulhaber Communications

1. Brands Need To:

Brands need to have a purpose and engage with their consumer in a way that communicates their mission and vision. Brand loyalty is tough in this saturated market and the brands that use their creativity to communicate with their customers rise above.
Good, authentic content should also be a top priority for brands. Simply regurgitating corporate images is no longer sufficient. Using content that entertains and engages should be a mantra for any brands looking to succeed in 2020.

2. Influencers Need To:

You’ve got to look for the win-win in business. Influencers/content creators should look at brands and agencies as partners and not only see themselves as paid ambassadors. Developing intimate relationships with agencies and giving a little of their time and creativity to create some authentic unpaid content once and a while could move mountains for credibility.

3. Biggest moment of pride during 2019:

Fully expanding our digital and content division to now offer full-stack online marketing services to our clients in Canada and the USA. We listen closely to what our clients want and now run a full-service content production studio called FSTOP Studios.

4. Biggest change to the public relations industry during 2019:

We are a full-service marketing communications agency, rather than strictly a “PR” firm. With media outlets in steep decline and direct to consumer becoming the norm, everything from social to experiential events is now part of our everyday service.

5. We are Thankful for:

I am thankful for an amazing team of young, entrepreneurial leaders who come to work everyday with their creative caps, to develop deep relationships and execute with polish. #FAULHABERFamily