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Tales, Tidings, and Tips; Holiday Message From Brookline Public Relations

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The holiday season is here, many brands across the country have been executing their holiday campaigns. PR In Canada reached out to a members of the community to do more than just send in their Holiday Card, we wanted to give our readers some Tales, Tidings, and Tips.  Here is a message from Brookline Public Relations….

Holiday Message - Brookline Public Relations

1. Brands Need To …. In 2020:

Brookline Public Relations – Consider trying something new and out of their comfort zone. We love when our clients trust in our ideas to break through the noise! Take this year for example, we combined Credit Unions with Coffee Shops, built partnerships with international airports and music legends and brought Las Vegas to Calgary. Just a few examples of how brands have moved beyond their space to capture mindshare and awareness.

2. Influencers Need To … in 2020:

Brookline Public Relations – Continue being amazing brand partners! Influencers are unicorns in that they can act as clients, vendors and media all packed into one. We’d love to hear more from influencers about how they see potential partnership with brands and agencies come to life.

3. Biggest moment of pride during 2019:

Brookline Public Relations –  Celebrating 15 years in business with our clients, partners, vendors and past and current team members at our Brookline PR 15th Anniversary Party in October! We did things differently by hosting a popcorn bar, surprising guests with a performance by country music super star Paul Brandt and hiring living lamp statues to mingle with our guests (see a video of the milestone celebration on our blog).

4. Biggest change to the public relations industry during 2019:

Brookline Public Relations – We’ve seen a major increase in the demand for creative services this year. In response, Brookline added in-house creative design capabilities to our service offerings. The public relations industry is constantly evolving, and this move is an example of how Brookline, and all agencies, need to remain agile to stay on top of trends and meet client’s needs.

5. We are Thankful for:

Brookline Public Relations – We are thankful for the variety of thriving sectors across Canada that make our jobs as PR professionals so gratifying. Working alongside such inspiring and diverse companies and brands gives us immense purpose and joy – here is to a fabulous 2020!

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