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Roots Wants You To “Be Nice Together” This Holiday Season

Roots Nice TogetherCanadian retailer Roots [TCO] has rolled outs its new 2019 holiday campaigned called Nice Together, in features a video that provides first-hand narratives and showcases the moments that bring people together and the bonds that keep them connected.

“The holidays are a time to be together with family, friends and as a community,” said James Connell, Chief eCommerce and Customer Experience Officer. “Through the diverse group of people we worked with, our Holiday 2019 campaign reminds us that when we come together nice things happen. While each person’s story is different, the common thread is that they are all better and stronger people because of those surrounding them.”

The goal of the campaign is to help remind everyone that being Nice Together is how we should all live. Roots [TCO] released a video that shares the footage of a cast of more than 50 friends and customers of the brand. (video above) In addition, Roots is opening a photographic exhibition to celebrate the artist behind the images in the campaign, renowned Canadian photographer, Barbara Stoneham. The portrait series features various families and friends included in the Roots holiday campaign. The exhibition will be on display from November 15 through to December 24, 2019 at the Roots store on Bloor Street in Toronto, Canada, and from December 12 to 24, 2019 at the Roots store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, United States.

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