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Backlash Of Brands – Circle K’s Sexist Blunder, Macy’s Gets A Dish Of Backlash

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Circle K Mexico Fails at Secretary Day promotion

Retailer Circle K Mexico recently ran a promote to encourage shoppers to mark “Secretary Day” in Mexico with the deal, the ad was posted to the brand’s profiles on social media and since removed.  A public apology over a promotion they had on chocolate, red wine and condoms for “Secretary Day,” which is celebrated locally in July. The Associated Press reports:

The since-deleted ad was published Monday on Circle K Mexico’s Twitter account. It depicts a cartoon image of a secretary’s legs next to the phrase ‘If you know what I mean’ in English and a wink emoji. One combo deal included wine, condoms and a Milky Way for 199 Mexican pesos (about $10).

Circle K Mexico apologized via Twitter and said the content was not meant to “promote any stereotype” and added it “has taken the necessary measures so that this does not happen again.”

Why it matters?

As diversity continues to be a make or break point for organizations they now must stand by it in all forms of communications both internally and externally.
If your brand is looking to celebrate administrative assistants, does it have any business to also include condoms? Just sends a very bad message.

Consumers dish out backlash to Macy’s over taste-less plates

Retailer Macy’s has be taken to task on social media over a collection of plates the brand had in their stores due to the use of terms such as “mom jeans” and “food coma.”

The plates have been removed from their store and the Macy’s social team responded via Twitter:

Why it matters?

No message will please everyone, while some complained about the plates others found it humourous. Macy’s wins for being proactive and willing to make a compromise.

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