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1Milk2Sugars Continues Business Stability And Retains Key Clients

1Milk2Sugars1Milk2Sugars is a full service PR & Online Marketing Agency, representing luxury and high end brands in beauty, fashion, food, wine and spirits, restaurants, entertainment, ...

Any agency can win new business once, but can you retain the trust from a brand to be their communications partner for a second or third year?  This is the case for 1Milk2Sugars [TCO] as two of their current clients have extended their relationship with the agency.  The Sugars has received the green light and will continue working with Beiersdorf and NIVEA for another two years without RFP sealing the deal to manage the skincare giant’s media relations and social media in Canada until 2020.  

“Over the past 5 years, 1Milk2Sugars has become an extension of our marketing team helping us drive the
brand to new heights. With their unmatched passion, dedication and expertise they have helped us drive
brand relevance and engagement beyond expectation. We are excited about our continued partnership and
success.” Julia Geissen; Marketing Director, Beiersdorf Canada.

Pfizer, Centrum has also signed on with the Sugars for a second year following the successful launch of the Centrum Multigummies Multi+Beauty campaign. 1Milk2Sugars helped the brand build high-level awareness and drive engagement through events and influencer campaigns while navigating the strict requirements of big pharma regulations.

With the launch of Centrum Canada’s Instagram account, 1Milk2Sugars has also been hired for content creation. By developing strategic content pillars and through well planned in-studio photo shoots, 1Milk2Sugars delivered exceptional, hi-quality static and dynamic content that performs beautifully on the brand’s feed.In addition, the agency has expanded their relationship with Pfizer to include a new addition to their roster, won without RFP – 1Milk2Sugars welcomes the Emergen-C brand to its growing portfolio of wellness brands.

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