#GirlBoss Are We There Yet, With Andrea Anders (Faulhaber Communications)

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#GirlBoss, Are We There Yet?

Andrea Anders#GirlBoss Are We There Yet? Over the next few weeks will are taking a moment to interview members of the PR In Canada/ Profectio community as we discuss gender diversity, and have our guest share advice and thoughts on how women can excel in the business landscape.  In our third episode we interview Andrea Anders – Vice President at Faulhaber Communications.

How do you define #GirlBoss?

A successful professional female who leads by example with candour. 

Was there a moment of pride when a fellow female in a leadership role did something that really inspired you?

 I am inspired when women support each other and celebrate each others successes vs. compete. I see this every day with the leadership team in our office.  

Was there a personal moment of pride?

Winning new business is always rewarding. I can almost always call when a pitch will win ahead of time. I’ve had the opportunity to develop powerful narratives for major brands through my career. Every victory is still rewarding.

Any advice for aspiring women who aim to get into leadership roles?

Surround yourself with female leaders you admire and can learn from and pay as much attention to building your soft skills as you do your hard skills. Finally, ask for and be receptive to feedback. It will make you better.

Anything that you noticed that might stop more women from excelling to leadership roles?

In recent years, I’ve noticed dramatic changes in entry level employees, many I attribute to social media. I worry that celebrities and Instagram influencers have become the new standard of role models. The reality is that in business, if you are modeling yourself around a reality TV start you may not win in the boardroom.

Two tips on how women can get recognized in the corporate world?

I find many young women do not know how to negotiate based on the value they bring to the business. Every conversation should focus on that only. I’ll often have people talk about the cost of living and a case that does not make.

Who is a woman that you admire who has “crushed it” through successful having a strong work-life-balance?

I think Christine Faulhaber does a very good job managing a business and her family. I don’t really believe in work-life balance but being creative to ensure you can live a life that lets you prioritize the different things that are important in your life. 

2018 brought us #metoo and other movements, there has been some change, but more is needed. What would you like to see happen in 2019?

The tone of the Me Too movements and to be honest, even the Netflix show Dirty John does not portray women in the most positive light. I think it’s important to communicate through a lens that is strong but also positive. 

Equal pay has been an issue is the news more and more, will there be a time where equal pay is universal?

I think so. If women continue to insist on it and spend time learning how to effectively negotiate early on.
#GirlBoss – we selected this hashtag as it seem to be the most popular one on social.

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