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The Connected One Overhauls Vendor Listing, Adds Client Testimonials

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Recently, The Connected One (our parent company) announced some new features coming to the Vendor Directory.  A new client testimonial section has been added which allowed vendors to post the praises they receive from customers.   

5 Ways Your Can Benefit From Client Testimonials

Citizen Relations

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As communicators you know that testimonials from clients can be a key element in helping to convey the benefits of a product or service.

rock-it promotionsCitizen Relations

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The internet is flooded with thoughts and opinions about companies and the people behind them, why not use an opportunity to turn happy clients into advocates and ambassadors for your company. Create your profile today!

Your competitors are listed, why not take advantage of our Vendor Directory and create your listing and add your client testimonials.  Let your customers sell for you!

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