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5 Ways Your Can Benefit From Client Testimonials

Benefits Of Testimonials


1. Client Loyalty

Have you ever given someone a testimonial? Did they use it on their website? Don’t you feel honored and appreciated? Testimonials can increases the emotional connection that your business with the person who asked. Imagine the results of making every one of your clients feel appreciated.

This is why you want to ask for a testimonial every time someone thanks you. It’s not about getting enough testimonials, it’s about making those who appreciate you feel appreciated by you. Turn thankful clients into loyal, raving fans.
Loyal clients refer others. Loyal clients also give you leeway if and when you mess up or can’t meet their expectations. All this from just featuring their testimonial on your website.

2. Referral Dress Rehearsal

When someone gives you a testimonial, it’s great practice for what they can say to others. Recommending someone can be awkward — we may not know the right things to say. It’s can be a mental roadblock. 

However, when someone raves about you, they’re mouthing the words. Those kind words about you will spill out more easily at the next opportunity to do so. What’s the Golden Rule of referrals? The more you rave about others, the more others will rave about you.

3. Staff Appreciation

If you’re the business owner (or agency owner), ask your clients to give a testimonial about your staff and/ or service. You will look honorable to your client, and it’s a great way of appreciating others. Showcasing staff compliments on your website is a win-win-win. Testimonials about your workplace also help with hiring. 

While venting can be healthy in some ways, public rants are rarely productive. Instead, ask coworkers to rave about each other. (Peer reviews are different: Management best practices advise you to keep formal reviews private or aggregated for anonymity.) Daily or weekly “rave sessions” can be a simple and surprising way to build morale and team spirit. It can inspire ideas, initiative and encourage everyone to excel.

4. Shareability

Sales pitches make for the worst social media posts. It’s like handing out your brochure at a picnic. Even on your social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter) profile, where explicit promotion is tolerated, it’s better to showcase testimonials.

Testimonials can be more productive when shared by raving fans. Social media seems tailor-made for this. It’s fantastic to see testimonials about you on someone else’s social media. Moreover, their friends, family and colleagues will see them raving about you. That’s proactive word-of-mouth marketing!

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Testimonials, like Frequently Asked Questions, provide great ideas for blog posts. Quote the testimonial and elaborate on the customer success story. Blogs are engineered to boost your search engine optimization (SEO).

Testimonials and reviews on third-party websites also boost your SEO. Thus, the more testimonials you publicize, the better your search results.

The introduction paragraph highlights three common benefits of testimonials. Were you surprised by any of the other seven? Most entrepreneurs get three testimonials and then rest on their laurels. Gain a competitive advantage — including so many other benefits — by growing a raving fan club.

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