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I’m Shauna Ireland, And This Is How I Get It DONE

This Is How I Get It DONE

Welcome back to our series This Is How I Get It DONE, where we take a moment to interview members of the PR In Canada community to find out more about them and share with you more about the person behind the desk, from how they got their start to where their current role (and everything in between). For our eighth episode we talked to Shauna Ireland.

Shauna IrelandCurrent Gig: Full time Mama to Wolfe- I have not slept in 22 months. Co-founder of Ireland + Hall Communications – that is what my business card says. Creator of the POWER HOUR. Tequila lover and traveler.

One word to describe: ALIGN AND SHINE – That is one word in my world ๐Ÿ™‚

Tell us a little about your background and how you got to where you are today: I started selling friendship bracelets when I was 8 years old at a farmers market and I have worked for myself since. I was a professional dancer which took me across north America and onto the stages of Vegas, I started importing fashions from Thailand to pay my way through university. There were trips to Italy, Australia, Malaysia, in between. I have never been one to stay in the same place for too long. When I graduated with a Communications degree from the University of Calgary I started my own clothing line reworking vintage clothing. I have lived in so many different places working with so many talented individuals. I ended up in Toronto after living in Miami for a couple of years working with a very successful artist Brendan Murphy. I decided that I wanted to be in PR and specialize in health and wellness. This was in 2011. The problem was I had never actually worked at a PR firm before. Fast forward 2 weeks. I began to intern for Lowell Hall. This lasted 6 months before I decided to start my own thing! My first client was Jana Webb the founder of JOGA. After two years of working independently, I began to show up at Lowell’s office with account leads that I knew I needed his expertise for. I persistently showed up until eventually one day we became parters. Together we created Ireland+Hall Communications INC.

What made you start your own company? Passion. Passion for people and their purpose. I wanted to work with people who were aligned with their purpose.

What is a typical work day like for you? I am usually up by 5:30am with my son. We spend an hour together before I start to get ready for work. I work every day but every day is so different. Sometimes I am in meetings back to back , other days are in the office working with the team, then there are the days I am onsite with clients at a photoshoot, radio show, television interview or an activation. I usually work from home at least once a week. I try and organize my week as strategically as I can. When I have allot of creative work to do I work from home so I can get grounded and connected. I am on the phone ALOT- texting, calls, more texting and calls. I try to finish by 6pm so I can put my son to bed and then around 8pm I am back at it! I find that all of the calls and meetings happen during the day and the evening is when I get the work done! My days during the winter months look a little different when we migrate to the beach and I work from there!

When did you know you had something? We officially launched in 2014. I knew we had something when we signed the lease for our office space.

How do you balance family-work? This is very new for me. I work on it daily. I am used to giving everything I have to my career and clients but when I became a mother my family became my #1 priority. Time is so much more precious and I think that becoming a mother has taught me to work smarter, I find the balance by choosing who to work with and finding joy in the work that I do. When I am happy and aligned at work then this creates balance at home. I am very blessed to have a supportive husband who is an incredible father to our son. He supports my dreams and the vision for my career.

9-5 is LONG gone, what is one shortcut or life hack that works for you? LONG GONE! I think it is important to press pause and reset throughout the day. After sitting at the computer for a couple of hours I get up and do some stretches, I move and breathe.. I have just started working out with a personal trainer and it has been a game changer. It is really important to take time for your self and prioritize your health.

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