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Survey Says… 50% Of Customers Prefer Email Based Offers

Email MarketingFacebook might be the biggest social media platform on the block but according to a recent survey conducted by Adobe, almost 50 percent of consumers prefer to receive offers via email, and are still very comfortable opting into email relationships with brands.

Email is still important to consumers and therefore marketers

The survey was base on consumers throughout the United States, but the general habits of consumers will still be very similar to those of consumers in Canada. Over the last two years we have seen the rise of a number of other marketing channels such as chatbots and smartwatches, which just proves that your brand has to experiment and stay diligent on the optimal tool to use to attract your desired audience.

Tips for better email marketing

  • Timing – determine the most effective time to send an email for your list, brands will have to to experiment with different timings to increase open rates and maximize the impact of their campaigns
  • Segment – brands should segment their audience based on individual engagement. Measuring customers’ engagement with emails, based on how long it takes them to react to the messages they receive, helps determine the right frequency of communication
  • Visualization – we live in a world where the look and feel is important when it comes to digital communication, don’t forget to add graphics, images to your email campaigns

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