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Social Media Influencers Will See A Big Dip In their Twitter Followers

TwitterLast week Twitter announced via its blog that it would no longer include what it refers to as “locked” accounts in users’ follower numbers in an attempt to restore faith in those counts.  While many news outlets have focused on how this will impact celebrities from the movie industry, television or movies it will also have an impact on social media influencers. As many agencies and brands rely upon social media influencers they will now have to update their records and expectations, which could have a drastic impact on the revenue an influencer is able to charge.
This is all part of efforts by Twitter to cut down on the number of suspicious accounts on the social network, especially as advertisers want more transparency when it comes to the return on their digital advertising spend.

Even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was not immune to the purge, he said he lost 200,000 followers.

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The company has also been trying to hone in on suspicious accounts over the past two months. Its share price dropped more than 8% on Monday, as investors fear the purge could hurt Twitter’s growth metrics. Twitter defines “locked” accounts as those that Twitter has frozen but not deleted because it has detected sudden changes in user behaviour.   When an account is locked, it cannot tweet, like, or retweet, and it does not see advertisements. 

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