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Exclusive: More Layoffs At PR Agency Edelman Canada [Update]


Over the last few years there has been a major shift in the public relations industry. Consumer have more choices, brand want more transparency and better results.   As a result of the changing world around us brands continue to ask for new capabilities and expertise from the agencies they hire. Some agencies have been very good at keeping up with the increased demand, and even proactively bringing new offerings to their clients.  Other agencies have struggled to keep up with the increased demand, and as a result have been forced to shift their business.

We have confirmed with multiple sources that Edelman Canada has executed several layoffs at the agency. You may recall we made a similar announcement about Edelman Canada laying off staff at various levels including management before.

Layoffs are never something people want to occur, but often a reality of a business, and hopefully those involved will ensure to do all 5 steps.
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