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What is Thought Leadership

Each week PR In Canada and Profectio receive emails from readers who are looking to gain more knowledge about public relations and how to use communications strategies to help grow their business. Recently a reader wrote in looking to understand what thought leadership is, and how it can help their organization.

What is Thought Leadership?

For our latest edition of Industry Opinion we turned to one of our community members to help answer the question – Marela Lucero-Lee

Marela Lucero-Lee – Director, Communications & Client Relations at rock-it promotions

What is thought leadership?

Marela – Thought leadership is the ability not only to introduce new ideas but foster productive discussions that lead to new insights and opportunities for change.

Who within an organization can convey thought leadership?

Marela – Organizations need to create an environment where thought leadership is encouraged from all corners of the company. Of course, at a higher level, executives and management staff should champion and set an example for thought leadership, as this will foster a culture that communicates to the rest of the team that forward-thinking is valued in the organization.

How does being a thought leader impact my company?

Marela – With the PR industry in a constant state of change, thought leadership helps companies envision how these changes might impact the way things are done and adapt accordingly. In this way, they can continue to be relevant and current.

How can company executives share their thought leadership?

Marela – Through dialogue, mentorship and leading by example.

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