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Up Up And Away, Internet Traffic To Hit 3 Zetabytes By 2021

WarThere is a war of the social media platforms is entering its next phase with sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube all racing to get the attention of consumers.

In just a few years, 2021 to be exact, it is predicted that 82 percent of all consumer IP traffic will be video, and that growth will be driven by a surge in live streaming all through the above social networks. Internet traffic is also expected to grow to 3.3 zettabytes of traffic annually by 2021 — up three times compared to internet traffic today (and working out to 278 exabytes per month).

These figures come courtesy of Cisco, which recently released its annual forecast of internet trends, the Visual Network Index, a 12-year-long project that brings together several independent analyst forecasts with network usage data Cisco gathers from its customers and its own servers.

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