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Fierté Canada Pride Selects Trio Of Agencies Led By Ireland+Hall Communications

Canada Pride MontrealAs Canada Pride Montreal aims to expand its two flagship events –  National LGBTTIQA2S Human Rights Conference and the Equality + Legality International Conference on Sexual + Gender Diversity, the organizers have retained the services of three public relations agencies.

Toronto-based Ireland+Hall Communications (Marketplace Listing) and Pennant Media Group, have joined Montreal based MVPR as the trio of firms for Canada’s largest LGBT event, the inaugural Fierté Canada Pride Montreal.

Ireland+Hall will take the lead with the two other agencies and will feature the development and execution of industry and stakeholder relations, media relations, and support of activations.

The agencies will also be supporting the two conferences that will be featured including the first-ever . MVPR, Ireland+Hall, and Pennant Media will be tasked to support the conferences with media attendance around the conference itself and particular speakers who are presenting on individual panels, as well as connecting with community groups and non-for-profits to attend and to support Canada Pride.

It is Canada Pride Montreal’s goal to help build vibrant and strong Canadian Pride organizations through collaboration, offering support, networking, helping to develop a national identity of Pride, and by offering resources and advocacy for its members.

Ireland+Hall Communications – the boutique-size agency offers flexibility in both short and long term..

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