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Media Relations Awards Early Bird Entry Ends Today

Do your public relations agency surpass expectations when it comes to getting media coverage for your clients? Is your working relationship with media so strong that you are seen as their close friend?  Then it is time that you enter your agency into PR in Canada’s Media Relations Awards

Media Relations Awards

Over the next few months, bloggers and journalist – the same people that you pitch stories too will have an opportunity to vote on which (3) Canadian public relations agencies they feel are the best at pitching stories to them.

Today, Friday, December 23 is the last day for you to submit an early entry for the Media Relations Awards and take advantage of the early bird pricing.

There is a very simple 2 steps to follow:

  1. Submit your agency into the awards – Register your agency here. (You must enter to be eligible)
  2. Encourage your media contacts to vote for you –Let your media contacts know they can vote. (We are also promoting and encourging our database of media contacts to vote)

No campaign is required, the awards are based on the strength of your agency’s media relations and ability to pitch to media. 

Start 2017 off strong, enter the Media Relations Awards today!