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5 Reasons To Enter Our Media Relations Awards

Media Relations AwardsBy now you should be aware of our Media Relations Awards:

  • For Bloggers & Journalists – an opportunity to vote on which (3) public relations agencies they feel are the best at media relations
  • For Public Relations Agencies – an opportunity to be awarded based on your ability to do one of the most important aspects of public relations – Media Relations

Votes by bloggers and journalists continue to come in (voting closes at the end of February 2017); and PR agency entries keep coming in (you have to enter to be eligible).  

We also wanted to share with you some of the 5 reasons to enter the Media Relations Awards (MRAs):

  • Start 2017 off STRONG – Let PR In Canada help tell the story of your agency and how it excels with Media Relations
  • Strength relationship with media – pitching to media remains a large part of PR and now you have an opportunity to strengthen those relations and generate more “face time”
  • Increased business opportunities – brands (and the people) behind them want to hire agencies that can get them results
  • Increased staff moral and retention – 9 to 5 is gone, show current (and future staff) how cool your agency is regarded by the media
  • Stronger pitches and pitch decks – Start 2017 off right, add your award details to your pitch deck

Do you want your agency to stand out from your competitors?