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Media Relations Awards – Early Bird Entry Ends Friday, December 23

Media Relations AwardsBefore we all day goodbye to 2016, you will want to ensure your agency takes advantage of the early bird entry for our Media Relations Awards.  The Media Relations Awards (MRAs):

  • Bloggers and journalists (representing one of the nine categories below) from across Canada will vote on your agency based on its ability to pitch to media, and the over all strength of the media relations.  
AutomotiveEntertainmentGadget/ TechnologyReal Estate
Beauty/ HealthFashionMommy / ParentingSports
Beverage/ FoodFinancePolitics Travel


No campaign required, the awards are only looking at the strength of your media relations according to the same bloggers and journalist you pitch to on a daily basis.

You can take advantage of the Early Bird Entry for you to by Friday, December 23, 2016.

Simply follow these 2 steps:

  1. Submit your agency into the awards – Register your agency here.
  2. Encourage your media contacts to vote for you – Let your media contacts know they can vote.

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