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Talent Wars: Broad Reach, Brookline, Craft

Members Of The Canadian Marketing & Public Relations Industry Share COVID-19 Vaccine PSA

Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish. Sam Walton

Over the course of 2016 the tide has changed a lot in the Canadian public relations industry, many of the larger agencies who had dominated the headlines on PR In Canada in the past have fallen in their ability to keep strong talent on their roster.  We have broken several news stories about which agencies have lost their “mojo” over the year. In this edition we will talk more about Broad Reach Communications, Brookline Public Relations, NATIONAL Public Relations, Veritas

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[wlm_private “PRO|PRO Plus|Corporate|Corporate Plus”] Brookline Public Relations –  This west coast public relation agency continues to have a strong 2016 and the results have turned into several team members being promoted

Broad Reach Communications – We broke the story when Jeff Roman said good bye to NATIONAL Public Relations marking yet another senior executive leaving the agency, his latest move will certainly make an impact on this Toronto-based communications agency.

Craft Public Relations – It has been interesting watching Lisa Pasquin grow this new agency, reuniting with her ex-Veritas colleague as they have put together a solid agency which has seen steady growth with even more talent.


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Companies Mentioned in this article: Brookline Public Relations, Broad Reach Communications, Craft Public Relations

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