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Veritas Says Goodbye To com.motion

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Bye Bye ByeLooking back through the archives it has been quite a while since we have heard from (and covered) Veritas, but we have had a number of readers ask for updates on what’s been happening with the agency.  A quick check on the website of com.motion (the conflict agency for Veritas) clearly shows the communication agency had shut down its operations.  We have also noticed a number of Veritas and com.motion staff have left both agencies over the last six months which just reconfirms some big changes have taken place in the background. So what does this mean?
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Usually when there is a mass exodus like this it is due to some type of management change.  Many of the ex-Veritas staff have gone on to start their own agencies.  On the plus side, perhaps the experience at Veritas gave these individuals the tools they needed to go out on their own.

We will keep you posted if we hear more…