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Talent Wars: Colony Project, HOWE&WYE, TC Transcontinental [Report]

The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves. Ray Kroc

Talent WarWorking in the fast paced world of communications it is very easy to see how talent helps to share the success of a company. Our PR Talent Wars reports have become a must read for anyone who wants to keep up to date on big moves within the industry and changes taking place with the talent force.

In this issue we will talk about Colony Project, HOWE&WYE and TC Transcontinental.

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Colony Project – One of the newest shops on the block, Colony Project has a pretty aggressive plan for growth. Less than a year after launch they have already tapped Michèle Fortier to led their new Montreal office.

HOWE&WYE – We had never heard of this shop before, but seems like they are focused on growth as the public relations agency; as part of their strategy they appointed Cailey Murphy as their new Managing Director for the Western Canada office.

TC Transcontinental – Communications mover and shaker Katherine Chartrand has made her way back to TC, she was recently appointed Director, External Communications.

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