The Age Of Digital PR And The Evolution Of Marketing

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Mishuk DasGuest Post by Mishuk Das. Mishuk is a freelance public relations professional. You can connect with Mike on LinkedIn.

We are experiencing a digital revolution right now and most users are searching for what they want on the web. Times have changed and people have turned to the internet for their needs and in such a scenario content is what drives action. Blogs, Videos, Images, Whitepapers, Infographics and other such PR tools are the heart and soul of a good digital marketing strategy. Marketing online is the only resort for organizations because they need to be where their customers are. In today’s interconnectedness of the online world, our customers  mostly lurk in the virtual fabrics of the web. It’s like being connected to the matrix, and if you need to reach them you need to plug in too.

Digital Tools

If you need people to buy your stuff or use your services, then you need great digital content. And when you have the right kind of content not only do you engage your customers and persuade them to keep coming back, instead you achieve most of your organizational goals as well. You need to tell your story to the world and the best way to do that is through digital PR. It’s a fact that PR is not just about getting media attention anymore, Public Relations is about reaching out to your buyers, and to provide them with the right kind of content that they are seeking for.

The hard hitting fact that really troubles some of those orthodox PR guys out there is that, you don’t really need to move heaven and earth to get a story in one of the leading newspapers. With digital PR  you can reach out to your buyers directly and start meaningful conversations with them. How to do that? Simple! Social media. With the help of social media, we can easily reach out to our prospects directly. However, you still need to get your story across to the media, but the advantage of digital PR is that you can reach out to bloggers or online news sites to get your story published.



Time has changed and as I have mentioned earlier the collective consciousness has also evolved with time. It’s not about penetrating into the lives of our customers anymore, it’s about being found. That’s what marks the success of your organization, that’s what determines how far we are going to get to achieve our organizational goals. If people who are looking for your product or services can find you through Search Engines or other digital platforms,then you are surely in for the ride to success.