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UNCLE BEN’S Food Truck Challenge Hit The Streets Of Montreal, Toronto And Vancouver

Uncle Bens & food trucks - May 27th-029To help launch its newest offering, Rice & Grains,UNCLE BEN’S decided to bring the taste directly to Canadians.  The the brand is hosted three Food Truck Challenges, in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. In each city, three food trucks have been challenged to create the most delicious recipe using an UNCLE BEN’S Rice & Grains product.

“Our team is always looking for ways to create gourmet flavours everyone can enjoy, and Rice & Grains has been a strong addition,” says Nate Turnbull, Head Chef – Street Division of participating food truck The Food Dudes. “Canadians will be able to get creative in the kitchen with this product, just like we did with our recipe. We’re excited about serving it up at the event with our fellow Toronto food trucks, letting Canadians decide who cooked it best.”

In each city visitors were able to try each dish and vote for their favourite, helping choose the winning recipe that will travel across the country this summer on the Official UNCLE BEN’S Rice & Grains Food Truck. Visitors will also went home with copies of the recipes so they can try them at home.