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Fun Facts: Shafiq Jamal & Janine Allen

For years PR In Canada has been reporting on the Canadian public relations industry, and we have broken a LOT of stories.  One of the most popular areas is our On The Move section which covers the promotions and new hires that occur throughout the public relations industry.
Shafiq JamalJanine Allen

Quite often there are little secrets about some of the people that we cover that would surprise you, in issue #2 of Fun Facts we have uncovered some facts you would never have guessed:

Shafiq Jamal, the new SVP And Managing Director at Weber Shandwick in Vancouver has a very surprising hobby, but maybe that curiosity make him such a great communicator.

You would have never guessed what job Janine Allen (Kaiser Lachance Communications’s New General Manager) had before she made her way into the world of public relations.

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