1Milk2Sugars Ramps Up With Two New Client Wins

As they ramp up for a busy summer, Montreal-based 1Milk2Sugars has won some new business in the beauty industry. 1Milk2Sugars has been appointed public relations agency of record (AOR) for Dermablend Professional and Bleu LavandeBleu Lavande.

Dermablend Professional, part of the L’Oréal Group, is set to launch its line of camouflage cosmetics in the Canadian market.  In the new assignments, 1Milk2Sugars will be tasked with the execution all of their communications activities, including: ongoing media relations, event organization, strategic partnerships and new product launches. Dermablend Professional will also partner with the agency to develop and execute a social media strategy to support the Canadian launch.

Previous Agency Of Record (AOR):

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