President’s Choice Pulls A Fake N’ Bake In Old Montreal

President's Choice Fake Shop - Image 5There is a portion of Canadians who once we hear that a food item is good for you, we will either not eat it thinking that it will not taste good.   Aiming to disprove some of the stereotypes with Gluten-free food, President’s Choice set up a (Fake) Bake shop in Old Montreal to promote their  line of gluten-free products.  While the brand could have gone the traditional way and create an ad, they choose to built an unbranded bakery in downtown Montreal and invited passersby to try free samples of their products. What they didn’t tell them (at first anyway) was that everything in the shop – from the baguettes to the cupcakes to the cookies and muffins – were President’s Choice products.

There is often a perception that gluten-free can mean taste free and create a barrier that keeps consumers from trying gluten-free products.  For the team at President’s Choice, the idea of Bake Shop was a unique and persuasive way to demonstrate that eating gluten-free doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste or variety.

President's Choice Fake Shop - Image 1The stunt was filmed in February in Old Montreal.  The shop was designed to look like a real shop that had just opened in order to encourage passersby to try the PC gluten free products without any negative pre-conceptions about taste;  making the reveal that the products  were from PC®  and gluten-free that much more powerful.

The film will appear across multiple paid, earned and owned channels. Teaser videos of the stunt began appearing on Instagram on Wednesday, and the full length stunt goes live on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram yesterday. The program will also be promoted in store, and in select print vehicles.

Agencies Behind President’s Choice (Fake) Bake Pop-Up:

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