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Why Launch Colony Project, One On On With Amanda Shuchat [Update]

Amanda ShuchatIf you haven’t stopped to read the news, Citizen Relations announced the launch of a sister agency.  It was a surprise to the office here, and raised a few questions so we decided to grab sometime with The Colony Project‘s new Managing Director, Amanda Shuchat and dig a little deeper into this new agency.

PR In Canada – Why the name The Colony Project?
Amanda Shuchat -We are born from the DNA of Citizen Relations, everything in life begins with one citizen. But when a group of citizens work together to form a common good, they create a colony.

PR In Canada – Does Vision 7 (Citizen Relations‘ parent company) need another PR agency?
Amanda Shuchat -Yes, Vision 7 has 2 creative agencies, 2 media agencies, adding another public relations agency is the natural evolution
PR In Canada – How will The Colony Project be different from Citizen Relations?
Amanda Shuchat – Both are full-service agencies; Citizen works on massive projects, but Colony will work on small projects and ones that need a different type of innovation and focus.  We will also be very closely tied to Cossette and offer a more integrated approach. For example, both Colony and Cossette will work on M&M Meat Shops.

Update We are now hearing some buzz this might be a conflict agency for Citizen.