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Call2Recycle Encourages Consumers To Get Charged Up For National Battery Day

National Battery DayAs consumers across North America start their day, Call2Recycle is bringing awareness to the fact that it is also National Battery Day with its latest campaign.

“We are excited about expanding out working with Call2Recycle.  This campaign adds to our growing sustainability practice and provides us an opportunity to partner with our clients and make a positive impact on the globe.” added Julie McIlroy, Partner, M&K Media

“We had originally hired M&K Media last year due to their extensive not-for-profit experience and growing sustainability practice. Once we saw success in Canada we enlisted M&K to extend their media planning and buying service to the United States,” said Sandra Abuwalla, Marketing Director, Call2Recycle Canada.

The campaign was rolled out on February 1 and runs until February 29th leveraging multiple platforms including digital, print and radio.

Fun Fact: The battery was first invented in 1800 by Alessandro Volta.

Agencies Behind National Battery Day Campaign:

Media Buying & Planing: M&K Media