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Media Relations Matter, Journalists Want More

MegaphoneFrom the top executives down to the newest intern,  you are all responsible for an agency’s media relations, and ability to pitch stories to media which includes journalists and bloggers.  If you work for a public relations agency, in one way or another you are also a spokesperson for the public relations agency.

Think about it for a second, the editor of the city paper might never deal with the President of the public relations agency, but is constantly in contact and being pitched by the Account Manager. Who becomes the face of the agency?  Who establishes and maintains that relationship? This was the pointed echoed numerous times last week over our latest gathering of Canadian journalist. For a few of us in the media world, it is an opportunity to get together on a monthly basis and discuss the current media and pubic relations landscape.  The media landscape in Canada has changed quite a bit over the last year, and the latest news about CHCH just proves it is not done changing.  Or take a look at the story on Profectio from last week where two of the key people who helped The Globe and Mail become a digital power house quit the same week.

As the number of outlets where a public relations professional can pitch a story decreases it becomes even more imperative that everyone within an agency makes some type of effort to foster better media relations with journalists.  Each year clients demand more and more from their communications agencies, and that demand must be met or you will see your agency fired.

What are you going to do today to create better media relations for your agency?