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Will A Video Press Release Be The Evolution Of PR?

As consumers continue to increase their consumption of online videos brands across the world are also looking at how they can leverage this tool to help communicate their message in a more meaningful way. The press release has been around since the start of the public relations industry, it has been altered slightly over the years and distribution methods have certainly become much easier – remember the days when you had to fax a press release.  So one question that we have had come across the desk quite a bit is, “Should I send a video press release?”  Before answering that let’s look at some stats related to video:

  • In the second quarter of last year, Americans watched over 38 billion videos online.
  • This represents a 40% from the same time period in 2013.
  • More than a billion people currently use YouTube, and the daily viewing numbers are well into the several billion range.
  • YouTube users collectively watch six billion videos a month.
  • 92% of people who watch a video on their mobile device will share it with others.
  • The average internet user will spend 88% more time on a website that incorporates video.
  • 65% of executives who watch a vendor’s video will visit that vendor’s site.
  • 64% of consumers say they are more likely to buy a product after watching a related video.

Can video impacts marketing efforts?

  • According to Nielsen polling, digital video enhances the reach of a marketing effort across all categories, including a 45% bump in message recall, a 40% increase in likability and a 33% lift in brand recall.
  • 91% of the top 150 ad execs polled feel video marketing is more effective than display advertising and 68% stronger than social media promotion.
  • The average viewer spends approximately 5.25 hours a week watching digital video, versus 4.5 hours a week watching television.

There is no doubt that today’s consumer has changed, and how he or she pays attention to content has also changed. However, what about the changing goal of PR? Has public relations itself hit a wall? And how would a video press release refresh a public relations professional’s efforts? If you are constantly frustrated that your public relations efforts aren’t having the same traction they once did, you are not alone. PR is transforming at a rapid pace, just like technology (or is it because of technology), and it will continue. The simple truth is, your release is competing with an enormous amount of content. People no longer wait for the evening news to educate themselves. Technology has changed the way we all communicate.  It’s a 24/7/365 news cycle, and today’s top story is already forgotten by the end of the day. While a press release isn’t considered a sales tool, it is in competition with everything out there that is being sold, from film to TV, video games to comic books, music videos to the latest must-have gadget. The PR/marketing machines behind these billion dollar industries spare no expense, and every single one of them are now integrating multimedia content in their efforts. Your press release simply has to keep up with the times, and you have to evolute your methods of execution.

Innovate or get left behind….