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Top 10 Most Influential Brands In Canada [Ipsos Reid] #FFWD2015

Ipsos-ReidLike clock work, Steve Levy, Chief Operating Officer at Ipsos Reid Canada took the stage as part of the annual FFWD: Advertising & Marketing Week to announced its annual, and once again Google took the top spot.

Most Influential Brands in Canada 2014

  1. Google
  2. Microsoft
  3. Facebook
  4. Apple
  5. YouTube
  6. Walmart
  7. Visa
  8. Tim Hortons
  9. Samsung *NEW to the Top 10 in 2014*
  10. President’s Choice

Looking back, here are the 2013 Most Influential Brands in Canada, and the 2012 results.

“What is a brand?” asked Mr. Levy. “Brands have influence and in many cases, that influence has changed our world. We’ve once again measured the various drivers of influence — which brand is the most trustworthy, has the most presence, or is most engaging. More importantly, we’re able to see some trends and changes brands exert over Canadians, which gives brands something we can measure: influence.”

Brands to watch?

Netflix, Twitter and LG were the three brands that made it the “on fire” list and the ones to watch.

Not surprising, most of the brands that made the most influential list have something to do with digital, social media and/ or social media. This is the fourth year for the study.