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Nominations Open For Canada’s First Annual Social Influencer Nation Awards

Nominations open today for Canada’s first annual Social Influencer Nation Awards. These nationwide awards will celebrate the best of Canadian Social Media Influencers, the Best Social Media Campaigns and voter’s favourite Social Media Tools. Winners will be announced at an awards gala in downtown Toronto this April 2015.

“The entire team is excited about the opportunity to recognize and reward the top social media influencers from across Canada,” says Dave Forde, Founder, Social Influencer Nation. “We have great talent in this country and we look forward to really examining and appreciating great social media campaigns created by individuals, agencies and brands.

Award categories have been established by a committee of industry leaders in order to highlight and reward top social media influencers from coast to coast. These categories can be found at

Nominees are welcome from all parts of Canada, provided that they embrace social media in their work. Nominated campaigns must have been developed within in Canada and released in 2014 on or before December 31st.

The call for Nominations will close on March 13, 2015.

Finalists in all categories will be announced early-April 2015, at the awards gala.

Event information, award categories, adjudication details and online nominations are available at

To kick off 2015, Social Influencer Nation will be hosting a meet n’ greet networking event on January 29th. Details can be found