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Call For Judges And Volunteers For Our Second Annual Top 30 Under 30 #princanadatop30under30

Last May, PR In Canada held its Top 30 Under 30 where we recognized and rewarded 30 individuals from across Canada’s communications and public relations industry for their excellence and stellar contributions to the industry. Many of you have asked if we will do it again? Absolutely! We have already started planning our 2015 Top 30 Under 30, and it will be even bigger than last year. First, we need your help, we are actively looking for judges, sponsors and volunteers to help make the awards a success.
Top 30 Under 30 2
This is your chance to roll up your sleeves, network with other industry professionals, gain experience and help to recognize the next generation of communications professionals.

Judges – we’re looking for senior level industry professionals from across Canada to help us evaluate the numerous submissions that are sent in and pick the 2015 Top 30 Under 30
Volunteers – help us craft our communications and marketing, as well there are opportunities to be part of the team that creates the reception that will take place in mid-May

Here are PR In Canada’s 2014 Top 30 Under 30, be sure to congratulate them for the recognition.

Are you ready to help make the 2015 Top 30 Under 30 a bigger success?  Read about the opportunities and get involved today!