Should Your Agency Conduct A Media List Audit?

AuditHell yeah! If part of the bread and butter of your agency is dependent upon generating media coverage for your clients, then it is absolutely imperative to have an accurate and up to date media list. Much like within the public relations world, journalist are changing their jobs constantly – but are your pitches being delivered or ending up in abandoned inbox?

Missed Opportunity

We were recently pitched by an agency who launched a new division and subsequently hired some new staff to support it, a few days later one of their staff pitched us on doing a “follow up” interview. Only problem, we were never sent the original press release about the new division. Do you think we were interested in doing a “follow up” interview?

Are Agencies Properly Servicing Their Clients?

If you don’t have an up to date list, you are probably missing some key opportunities, and that will impact the agency’s bottom line.  As an agency it part of the fee you are taking is to have an accurate and up to date media list.

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