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Nomination Date For Our Top 30 Under 30 PR Professionals Has Been Extended, You Have More Time #princanadatop30under30

Top 30 Under 30There has been a lot of buzz for our Top 30 Under 30, and we have received many nominations ever since we first announced the opening of the nominations.  A few people have asked if we can extend the nominations a bit, so the closing date for nominations is now February 21.  Who are tomorrow’s best and brightest communications and public relations professionals, nominate someone (or yourself) today!  Yes, a few people have nominated themselves (which is amazing), after all if you can’t believe in your own skill and accomplishments why should anyone else, right?

Applicants (who must be 30 or younger at the time of application) will be reviewed by a panel of judges.   Candidates can be from an in-house or agency background but must be based in Canada and working full-time at their organization.  Candidates may nominate themselves.

Cost: There is no fee!

Next Steps: Simply nominate a person below with their

  1. First & last name (you can nominate more than one person)
  2. Organization they work for
  3. A brief description of what makes this individual  a “Top” PR pro

Nominations close February 21st, 2014, after that our panel of judges will evaluate all nominations and select the top 30, we’ll announced the winners at our cocktail reception, and then here on PR In Canada.

What are the judges looking for? Several factors are considered—business success is just one. Community and professional leadership also are important factors. We strive for balance: We want to ensure we have a diverse group of finalists in terms of business niches, gender, ethnic background, and geographic location. Finally, we look for compelling stories that bring to life innovative business strategies that have worked for you or obstacles you’ve overcome.

What is the selection process? Initially, all applications are screened by PR In Canada editors to ensure all necessary information has been provided. In the initial screening, we also winnow the group down to the semifinalists. A panel of judges then reviews this group, weighing the factors mentioned above, until a consensus is reached on finalists.

Event: Join us for a special cocktail reception in honour of these exceptional young men and women, celebrate and network with tomorrow’s leaders and other industry professionals at the first annual PR In Canada Top 30 Under 30 party in Toronto!

Tips: We are looking for people who are excelling professionally— amazing at media relations, making competitors nervous and generally changing the world.

Feel free to tweet this out using the hashtag #princanadatop30under30.

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Sponsorship opportunities are open for your organization to be part of the  Top 30 Under 30 program and cocktail reception, simply click here to contact us at [email protected]